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our objective

Our objective is to provide the best possible service without compromising on the quality and integrity of each application. We are alert to the ever-developing policies at the Malaysian Immigration Department and fully aware that the successes of our services require clear knowledge and understanding of the department's requirements and our client's needs.

scoPE of services

**Advice and consultation

     prior to every case, will advise on all matters with regard to application procedures, requirements and process schedule; general consultation on matters relating to immigration         as and when required.

**Preparation of cover letters

     drafting all necessary cover letters

**Provision and preparation of immigration forms

     will provide and complete relevant Immigration application forms

**Assistance and guidance at the Immigration Department

    will provide personal assistance to company representatives during submission of application, if company presence deemed necessary

about us

Permit Pro was founded in 1998 specializing in employment pass and other related applications at the Malaysian Immigration Department for expatriates and their families. We have grown from a one man set-up to a private limited company

Over the years we have developed a keen understanding of procedures at the Immigration Department. At Permit Pro we are acutely aware of the challenges facing businesses with increasing need for globally mobile personnel. We are committed to ensure efficient and hassle free applications by working closely with clients and the authorities. 

Permit Pro is led by a team of very proficient personnel who have many years of experience applying for passes for various types of industries that include construction, telecommunications, services, oil & gas, finance, information technology and manufacturing. We are familiar with all types of business set-ups in Malaysia and the unique requirements each one encounters when applying for employment passes.